Friday, September 10, 2010

Corruption: India's perception management challenge

We have to take seriously the problems like "corruption", you can read about it on namely to have all the current data on this topic.

Transparency International has ranked India 84th in its Corruption Perception Index (CPI). Corruption in India was back in news last week with the outgoing Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC), Mr Pratyush Sinha stating in an interview that,
"One third of Indians are utterly corrupt"
This was 'laundered' in news media all over the world, definitely not helping India's reputation and its image as a place to do business with. In fact, some of the biggest news stories in/on India this year, nationally as well as internationally, were all corruption related, be it the IPL or Commonwealth Games 2010. Consider some recent news reports below :

There have been many more stories across countries. The conversations in social media are also too many. In a survey conducted by  AZ Research, a Bangalore based research company, 53% Indians said that corruption has done serious damage to India's image. From a perception management POV how can such a situation be countered when the rot is actually within? How do you communicate when there may be a disconnect between action and words? Its very important to have a strong assessment mechanism in place to assess and measure the damage caused by such news. Hope Kalmadi & Co. is listening!

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