"Indian Portrayal of terror wins accolades across Arab nations" - Outlook magazine (India)

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Interesting article in the Outlook magazine on Bollywood's reach and influence in certain regions of the world. Most importantly, entertainment industries like the Bombay film industry ( I hate using the word "Bollywood." Hindi Film industry or Bombay Film industry seems a better term) play an important role in portraying a non-western point of view to contemporary happenings. It also reflects India's soft power prowess.

Read it here: Al Hind: a Relook

New York’s (The movie) Middle East Success Story

  • Released in theatres in UAE and Bahrain with 32 prints
  • Took one of the biggest openings for a film in the region
  • Grossed US $1.5 million in the Middle East box office
  • Pirated DVDs of the film spread widely in Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia
  • Estimated to have lost over a million dollars to piracy across the region
  • Opening film at the Cairo International Film Festival 2009, the oldest and most significant film festival in the Middle East
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-- Madhur