Sunday, October 23, 2011

Survey of attitudes by India's PD division

The Public Diplomacy division of Government of India in collaboration with the Center for Advanced Study of India, University of Pennsylvania, is conducting a survey of attitudes with regard to India's foreign policy. It is a survey of 'elite attitudes' - given that fact that it is a survey of international relations faculty in Indian academic institutions - and is a first of its kind exercise undertaken by the PD division.

It is currently also being conducted at the first National Conference on International Relations - Shifting Sands: India in the Changing Global Order, in New Delhi, India. The introduction to the survey states, 
"... there is relatively little understanding about what Indians take to be the nature of international politics, and correspondingly, how their power and influence should be used. This survey seeks to help better understand Indian attitudes on the role of power, order, force and justice in international politics. How will the interplay of long-held beliefs, India's vision of itself, the rise of new actors and institutions and India's changing relationship with the West influence India's worldview and role in global affairs?"
It will be interesting to see the results of this survey, which has good news potential as well. The conference in itself is a first time initiative by the PD division to create a forum for Indian academics, policymakers and practitioners of international relations to meet, network and exchange ideas.

Suggestions/Critiques welcome.

-- Madhur

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Guest Post: Public Diplomacy researchers from USC to visit India

By Maya Babla

         This December, a group of seven graduate students from the Master of Public Diplomacy program at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism in Los Angeles will embark on a journey to India. We will visit New Delhi and Mumbai, meeting with a range of stakeholders interested in how this global player is positioning itself to foreign and domestic audiences. 

         Our research will assess the role of each of these actors: public, private, and nonprofit, as well as media and academia—and seeks to understand how they create the public diplomacy ecosystem in India. We will survey a wide range of ‘diplomacies’—from cultural to economic to citizen-powered initiatives—to understand how each of these is contributing to communicating the idea of India. Along the way, we'll be reporting on our findings through the project’s website, India: Inside Out. The objective of the website is to spark a larger dialogue on the relevance and value of public diplomacy within the international affairs and communications communities, but we invite those from all fields to participate. 

      As part of the team, I started the conversation last week by offering my own definition of public diplomacy. In the coming weeks, each of the members of the India: Inside Out team will be writing about our particular research areas before our trip, our impressions of India upon our arrival, and once we’ve delved in, our analysis of what that public diplomacy ecosystem looks like.

-- Maya Babla, Master of Public Diplomacy, University of Southern California

Maya Babla is a student and researcher at USC's Public Diplomacy program. This December she will lead a USC delegation to study India's PD efforts.

* Guests posts are opinions of respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Public Diplomacy Blog. They are published here as a part of the blog's mission to create a forum for discussion on Public Diplomacy.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The "India is ……." Global Video Contest

New Delhi, Sept 30, 2011 (News Release): The Public Diplomacy Division of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi, is launching a global initiative called the “India is ………. “, aimed at encouraging individuals and countries around the world to think of India in interesting, pervasive and positive ways.  For this purpose, a Global Video contest is being organized on the following three themes: 

( i )                India is …………….. Colourful

( ii )              India is …………….. Creative

( iii )            India is …………….. Wherever You are

2.        Under this programme, a 3 minute video film about India on one of the above mentioned themes is being invited from anyone interested in participating in the programme.  Detailed information on the programme, including rules and regulations as also the procedure to participate is available on the website,

3.        The programme will run from from October 1 – December 31, 2011.  

4.        Ministry of External Affairs will be organizing an event in March 2013 where the winning entries will be recognized and will be rewarded suitably.  You are invited to take part in this very interesting programme along with your family, friends and colleagues.  

Find details of the contest in the following video created by the PD division:


Also check my recent piece - Communicating the Idea of India - for CPD Blog at USC Center on Public Diplomacy at the Annenberg School.

Suggestions/Critiques welcome.

-- Madhur

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