Who will kill the ISIS story?

Finally it unfolds. We have the most powerful nations in the world confronting ISIS in what seems to be the final battle for the terror group. What US, Russia, Iran, France and others also need to understand that eliminating Baghdadi or for that matter uprooting ISIS will not be the end of it.

This is the Age of Conversations, of Information, of pervasive media and ISIS did tell a powerful story. ISIS inspired many around the world with its ideology, myth making and ability to challenge the high and the mighty. ISIS did amazing work with social media, peppering the web with its online propaganda - these are archived, available and accessible to all. These will remain and continue do so and it's time the web is purged of such content.

"Caesar dead is more powerful than Caesar alive" - as long as the legend and myth of ISIS remains the terror group will continue to be alive. Long before ISIS emerged, this blog highlighted the possibility of emergence of a militant religious power in the Middle East and it did turn out to be true, despite the Arab Spring and all progressive movements. It did because the story remained and the narrative continued to inspire.

Suggestions/Critiques welcome.

- Madhur