News Release: APO content now available on Thomson Reuters professional platform

DAKAR, Sénégal, October 28, 2013/ -- APO ( announced today a strategic partnership with Thomson Reuters that will provide APO’s clients with enhanced global visibility, making their Africa-related news releases available on Thomson Reuters Eikon (, the professional platform for market analysis and trading software.

APO’s feed of Africa-related news releases issued by companies, international institutions, international organizations, governments and branches of the United Nations across Africa will be posted on Thomson Reuters’ terminal providing users of the service with unrivalled news release material coming from the world’s fastest growing continent.

Screenshot: (APO clients news releases are now available on Thomson Reuters professional platform)

Photo Thomson Reuters Eikon: (APO content will now be available on Thomson Reuters Eikon, the professional platform for market analysis and trading software)

“Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic growth is expected to increase to 5.3 per cent next year, with strong private and public investment underpinning the region’s robust performance, the World Bank said on Monday. The Bank lifted its forecast for 2014 from the 5.1 per cent projected earlier this year”, said Eloine Barry, Executive Director, APO

She added: “This means that African economies are a force to be reckoned with for any true multinational business seeking expansion into the next frontier of growth.”

For almost 10 years, APO has been the partner of choice for companies operating in Africa and has helped private sector companies, NGOs, UN agencies and other multinational entities reach a much broader audience in every African country. This unparalleled reach has been made possible thanks to a solid relationship with key media houses across the continent and an investment in technology that allows instant dissemination of news material to all African media.

With such an audience reach now made available at a global level through the partnership with Thomson Reuters, this will build a two way communications highway between Africa and the world at a time when interest in the continent has reached an unprecedented level from Asia Pacific to the Americas, through Europe and the Middle East.