Public Diplomacy 2.0: Israel's website for diaspora and supporters abroad

In some earlier posts I wrote about newer concepts such as engagement of diaspora using social media, global citizen diplomacy, creating platforms for networked communications etc. Israel recently started a website that will help Israeli diaspora and also supporters of Israel in countries abroad to shape perceptions about the country. It was conceived after a poll conducted by Israel's Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora affairs found that around 91 percent of Jewish Israelis believed  Israel had a very bad image abroad. Following is the link for the website:

With both Hebrew and English versions, the website provides information on current events, tips for “novice ambassadors” - diaspora and Israelis traveling abroad, Israel's spectacular achievements in sciences, myths and facts about Israel and Arab nations etc. What is interesting is that the website also has training courses in defending Israel. The site is intended for the diaspora and the English speaking supporters of Israel in countries abroad.  It is intended as a tool provided by the state to involve citizens in managing Israel's perception. Interesting!

Suggestions/Critiques welcome.

-- Madhur
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